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Tresor Seminar

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Regular slot: Tuesday (except for the first Tuesday each month), 16:15-17:15h, in room BC 355 (Tresor Conference and Coffee Room)

Upcoming Talks

Roles of types in logic, computation and security - an overview


I will present an overview of results that emerged from type theoretic techniques. A particular attention will be given to the reducibility method in logic. Further, the role of classical types will be presented in the framework of delimited continuations. Finally, the role of types will be discussed in security control issues of linked documents and linked data.

Transformation-based Program Analysis and Logic Solvers


Word level compilers and linkers apply transformations at the word level to generate smaller and faster programs. Several techniques at the Boolean and circuit levels effectively reduce the complexity and the size of the program and make it amenable to decision procedures such as satisfiability solvers. These techniques miss many opportunities of optimizations that exist at the word level. Transformations such as word based compositional minimization, and word based abstractions are not even possible at the Boolean or circuit levels. In this talk we consider several techniques for program analysis including word level transformation based analysis.