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Selected Talk Videos

Xavier Leroy: Compiler verification for fun and profit (FMCAD'14 talk, with slides and proceedings)

Armin Biere: Challenges in Bit-Precise Reasoning (FMCAD'14 talk, with slides and proceedings)

Andrew Reynolds: Induction for SMT Solvers (see also the talks from the FMCAD'14)

Tony Hoare: Applied Logic (slides)

J Moore: Machines Reasoning about Machines (SuRI keynote; also available is the ACL2 Demo Session File)

William Cook: Model Interpretation and Compilation by Partial Evaluation

Mikael Mayer: Complete Program Synthesis for Linear Arithmetics

Martin Vechev: Automatic Inference of Synchronization

Peter Schneider-Kamp: Automated Termination Analysis of Programs using Dependency Pairs

Makarius Wenzel: The languages of Isabelle: Isar, ML, and Scala

Geoff Sutcliffe: Thousands of Problems for Theorem Provers

Steven Obua: Formalization of the Proof of the Kelper Conjecture

An Improved Algorithm for Three-Color Parity Games

Solving Parity Games in Practice